Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Chinese Rooster

It's Christmas time again, and this year as a present for my parents, I'm attempting to paint an art depicting a rooster and his family. Basically, it represents my parents, my brother and I. My Papa has been asking me to paint something like that for sometime already (2 years back, I think), and I kept procrastinating on painting it - until now. Me lazy bum.
But on a deeper level, it's not just laziness but rather my lack of interest in spending lots of time and effort on painting a subject matter that I'm not particularly interested in. To counter this problem, I thought of using a Chinese painting style because I can paint it fast and loose, do not need to spend too much time and perhaps it may just turn out nicely. However, since I don't own any chinese ink, watercolour paper or really good brushes for that matter, I'll rely back on my old trusty pal Mr. Photoshop to supply me the digital materials.

I spent some fun time experimenting on the brush settings to paint the calligraphic watercolor effect, and the results above seems quite OK. I'm definitely going to further explore this style of painting in my quest to mimic Chinese style paintings. Woohoo!
(btw, I'm a banana, so my mandarin skills are zero, hence the lack of mandarin words on the painting)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Ogre and Gimeor

Colour! It seems that my little blog is missing some jazz, so I've got here two images that hopefully does justice to the color wheel.
The painting below was actually done a couple of weeks back, and the idea was sketched much longer back, I think 2 years ago. Just wasn't interested to flesh it out until now.
Story: "After a hard long battle, Mr. Ogre relaxes down at the local watering hole. While waiting for his roasted pheasant dinner to come, he spots a rat scurrying along the table...his free appetizer has arrived "

Here's Gimeor again; always getting himself in trouble, and this time running away from a gigantic centipede-like creature.!