Monday, July 28, 2008

Some new sketches

Here are two new sketches in which I managed to capture the subjects' gesture before they moved away. I'm by no means satisfied, but i think I'm improving slightly.

Monday, July 14, 2008

ehFive sketchbook

Some sketches from my ehFive book again:

I just had to draw a quick sketch of my girlfriend Annie sleeping; her palm's posture was very interesting in the way they bend inwards below her face.

A bunch of people in the MRT station:

An aimless doodle led to a Panda sketch which kinda resembles "Po" from the movie Kung-Fu panda. So, I dedicate this sketch to Po...

Friday, July 11, 2008

Breaking News: Monstrous Sea Creature discovered

Breaking News: A monstrous sea creature was discovered yesterday and captured on photographs by Malaysian scientists who were conducting research on the Sperm whales in the Pacific ocean. It was apparently a carnivore hunting a group of Sperm whales, and succeeded in killing two of the whales.

This creature does not resemble any currently known prehistoric sea reptiles, and might be be a completely new species of sea reptile altogether! It is impossible to estimate the size of this creature but it is very likely to be the largest sea dwelling creature ever, as can be plainly seen from the photographs that it dwarfs the Sperm whales.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Little Rat, Wong and the Dragon

An inquisitive little rat stumbles upon a very nice smell in the air, coming from the most unlikely sources! Could it be cheese? bacon? Belacan?...anyway, it's sure gonna be yummy!

"Wong and the Dragon: Who wins? Wong has a magical blue sword while The Dragon has its fiery breath." In this art, I wanted to capture a terrifying mood with lots of darkness and hot-red colors; like Hell.
This is my second attempt:

My first attempt below did not work for me because the lighting was weird; somehow I had unknowingly painted the scene lighted up as if there was an imaginary spotlight behind the Dragon and casted it's shadow on the floor. I knew I wanted the brightest part of the picture to be between the Dragon's face and Wong, but I didn't know how to light it up logically.
First attempt:

Here are some pages from my trusty little ehfive Sketch book. I am beginning to get the hang of drawing cartoon characters. My favorites are the laughing old man and the Tiger who hears something. See if you can spot them out.

Monday, July 7, 2008

John Mahoney's class: Drawing from Film

Yesterday's class with John Mahoney was "Drawing from Film", in which John asked us to draw out certain shots in the movie Frida, using materials like Pastels and watercolor. We tried to capture the wonderful color composition in the shots and we had a wonderful time! We also tried to draw out frames and treat the shots like a graphic novel. Each shot in the movie seems so artistically thought of, and I definitely learned a lot yesterday.

Last week's class was to draw from an old black/white movie named Othello. We used charcoal to draw out the interesting values in the shots.

Here's also some very old life-drawing art of a female model done 2 months ago.

And finally, some personal art from my trusty little sketchbook. Right now I am trying to flex my cartooning muscles, and taking inspiration from artist like Carter Goodrich. There's also a nice little color sketch which I named "I come in peace"

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

John Mahoney's class

For the past 2 days, I have been attending a class by John Mahoney, an artist whose point-of-view really inspired me to re-think on how I approach art. On yesterday's life-drawing class, he asked us to combine traditional life drawing with a few references of concept art and graphic art. We were free to experiment with the process, and the results that came out were very fresh and different. I did a crouching guy who's tied up with three vicious dogs and a Death-dealer guy who's arm is being swallowed by a massive dog. We are also free to use whichever material we want; be it watercolor, charcoal or pastels. I had so much fun and free from worry as there was no right or wrong in our creations. So this is what art is about: Personal creative expression.

My background history is a fairly typical one; I am trained in Industrial design, and I am used to drawing realistic items and be able to communicate through representational art. I have always thought that a good art is one that can mimic reality as best as possible so that it can communicate well. But since having exposed to John's ideas, I now view the world with a more open mind.

Btw, here's some other stuff:
Grim reaper crosses to the other side.

A sketch on birds, especially on a Little Bittern I saw at a nearby mini-lake.