Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Lots of stuff

This was supposed to be an easy color exercise but slowly turned out to be a hard-but-learned-much exercise. I just wanted to paint a scary scene which has a door that this guy would think twice before entering. I found out that it's definitely not that easy to create a scary mood; the door's lighting keeps on becoming somewhat like "a light at the end of the tunnel" which brings up a positive mood. In the end, I realized that it's better to have dimmer lighting behind the door. Phew!
5th attempt (Final):

"Here's one featuring Dr. Loonie's wacky pet creations. He takes his pet for a walk in the park just to take in a little sunshine." This is my second attempt; the first attempt (at the right) didn't look like it's getting enough afternoon sun and the pet's gray horns were too dull. Didn't work for me.

Silver-Red giant falls to the ground. KO and you're out !

Gimeor's point of view before before being pecked by a big bird.

Just some mysterious looking steps that lead to a candlelight party. :)

This sketch below was done some months back while trying to create a Photoshop Brush that hopefully looks like pencil. It's a guy with horns as chins, long ears. You know, the typical Narnia meets LOTR types of characters.

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