Monday, March 30, 2009

Imaginary Animals and my Studio

What can I say?
There's a lot of sketches, some done a few months back, and some, just yesterday.
My recent interest is to draw imaginary animal species, kind of like combining part of different animals in my mind. I think some animal creations look better and more believable when their anatomy makes sense, such as having a head long enough for it to graze, or say, a leg with thick enough muscles to support a large and heavy body. It's logical art. FUN!

I've got to introduce an interesting bird that I always see in the small man-made pond near my company studio.
It's a Little Heron (
Butorides striatus), and this little fella is ever hungry, always hunting for fish, sneakily standing on a rock, hoping to snap some unfortunate fish swimming by. It was this fine morning that I saw it caught a rather big tilapia. It certainly looks too big to swallow, but I guessed wrong, because the Heron slowly swallowed it head-first into it's throat. I didn't imagine that little fella had such a wide and expandable throat! Way to go!

This one is the usual sort of thumbnails explorations. In the immediate piece below, if you really notice, the small vertical drawing on the lower right corner was the sketch that sparked my idea for my Chinese Rooster painting, which was the present that I gave my dad. Great things starts small huh!

Here's my y usual sneaky sketches of people in the MRT(train),
when they don't notice me observing them :)

This is a small sketch of where I work, showing the huge hi-tech office building, in which my company studio is on the 5th floor. I'm glad that my boss asked me to sketch it, or else i would have never done it on my own. I'm not exactly the landscape-person as my interest is not in painting or drawing actual landscapes. Now that I've done it, I kinda like it and I'm proud of it ;)