Thursday, September 3, 2009

An early morning drink

Today I am quite happy to have painted a small painting of a Spinosaurus taking a drink from a lake, in the morning. The idea came from a quick sketch below, drawn while wating for the MRT. Done using photoshop, of course.

In my mind, I wanted an early morning look with a cool atmosphere without the sun shining too harshly. So I laid down some colors beneath the sketch layer (which was in Multiply mode). I immediately felt that the perspective in the sketch was a little off, because the horizon would be too high to be seen in that angle which I've drawn the dino drinking in the lake. So, I decided to omit the horizon and background landscape, and replace them with some water plants to maintain some visual interest at the top area of the painting.

After awhile, I was not satisfied with the colors because the water looked too green, and it didn't imply sunlight coming in at all. As if the whole scene was on a cloudy day. However, I liked the colors on the dino as it has a nice contrast of Blue and yellow, like a crocodile.

So, I decided to scrap the whole painting and start anew, while googling at some reference images along the way. My new colors are much less colorful, and retains a large white-ish area for the water, which works pretty well to allow me to paint some reflection of the blue sky and imaginary foliage somewhere nearby. I detailed out some areas near the dino with some rocks and pebbles that can be seen through the water beneath the dino's shadow. Happy!


Dr Tweety said...

Nice work! An exciting journey to explore colors and perspective

braden matt said...

Nice work and process. Are you still in Singapore? Let me know how things are going.