Monday, March 12, 2012

Painting with my SketchBook MobileX

Well, it's been a long time since my last entry. The past few months has been a life changing experience for me - I'm a new dad now! My baby boy Isaac, is now 4 months old, and he's bringing so much joy into our life. (along with the lack of sleep)

Since I can hardly find enough time to sit down and paint (on my pc), the only long stretch of time I have is when I journey back and forth, to work everyday. So recently I've played around with a painting App on my iPhone - SketchBook MobileX.

It was quite hard at first because I was so used to painting with pressure sensitivity (in my Wacom), and here I didnt have that control. I didn't have a stylus as well and just had to get used to painting with my fat fingers.

However, I thought what the heck, I shouldn't use that as an excuse - instead I can just treat it as painting with thick paints. And painting without level controls or color adjustments (as in Photoshop) helped me to realize that all these years I actually know very little about colors because I had been relying too much on Photoshop's capabilities to help me adjust my wrong colors.

So here below are my little paintings done when I travel to and back from work. Most of them are so more like color sketches, really rough.

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