Thursday, October 30, 2008

Compilation of my sketches

Here's 3 images that are cut-n-paste compilations of my previous works.

The first one below are a bunch of hands doodles I usually doodle on my notepad when attending night classes at a church. It's an automatic reaction to doodle sometimes when I listen to the speakers. it's not that I'm not listening, because I do pay attention to what's being said. Multi-tasking might explain what's happening here.

The 2nd one is a bunch of characters. Not something that I'm very proud of, so it means back to the drawing board for me.

The third one below is my favourite; a bunch of gesture sketches of my anonymous models at the MRT, and animals from the Zoo and dinosaurs from Youtube.

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braden matt said...

Hey, Its good to hear from you.I'll have to pick up the game sometime soon. Staying busy? Let me know your email. I'd like to stay in contact. Here's mine.
Let me know if you have some new art I can check out (from the whole gang there) Stay in touch.