Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Baguio City again!

I went back and searched through my old photos of the Philippines trip, and found a few photos of Baguio city that i took. I compared it with the art I painted yesterday, and found a big difference! It wasn't as bright and there were more interesting cloud formations behind the mountains. There were also some trees at the foreground in the photos.
So, to do justice the the art, I decided to refer to the photo and add in all the elements that were missing.
It's a whole lot better , and I wonder why is my imagination poorer than the photo I took in the first place? Lousy art skills, I guess.
Here's the new art:

Here's the photo btw:


Carla Anne Miyon said...

It's nice to hear you've been here in the Philippines. =)

Anton said...

yo Richard....can i buy your pc? How much u want for it? Dnt charge me too much...for ole times sake...:O))