Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mammoth Sacred Tree

Annie (my fiancee) and I went to Taiwan recently. It was a wonderful trip as I managed to see the famous Alishan Forest and Taroko Gorge. I was awe-struck when I saw those giant Red-cypress trees, especially the huge Sacred Tree and the tall towering cliffs of Taroko with it's clear turquoise colored waters. It's one of those moments when I wonder how beautiful our earth is and thank God for creating it for us to live in.
It inspired me to paint out the two color sketches below:

The Giant fish below is not inspired by anything in Taiwan but just my fixation in drawing things gigantic and out of size. Arrgghh - giant fish eats up seagulls! hehehe...I like it ;)

I also saw some very old Chinese watercolor paintings in the National Palace Museum in Taipei, it's a really cool place to hang out if you're into Chinese culture. I decided to get in touch with my chinese roots and came up with my own digital watercolor painting below. Peonies for good luck, what can I say? :)

By the way, the mandarin words are just gibberish placeholders - until i get my fiancee to pen up a few profound words. I don't know how to write or read mandarin, such a sorry excuse for a Chinese.

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