Friday, May 23, 2008


I've was reading an art book entitled "Disney's Tarzan Special Collector's Edition", and I came across an inspiring sentence: "Staging story ideas and capturing various moods all fall within the visual development artist's realm, helping to inspire and build the storyline and settings for the film". It made me realize suddenly that that's why some of my previous paintings lacked something, and that something was capturing moods! As I looked back at those paintings, those that I did like were those that somehow portrayed a mood. This is a mini-revelation for me, as I will from this day onward try my best to capture a certain mood for all my paintings, so that it will appeal to people at an emotional level.

So, here's a re-paint of "There You Are Nessie" art. It's got a more mysterious and eerie mood to it. The simple story is this guy who tries to find his pet Plesisaur in the middle of night, in the midst of the lake's fog.

And also here is a re-paint of "Mommy's Home" art. It's closer to what I had in mind, which is two baby Therapods at a forest bed being happy and excited when their Mommy comes home after a days hunt.

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