Saturday, May 10, 2008

Well, here goes a bunch of sketches again, in which I've accumulated over the past 2 weeks. I've found out that looking at Youtube videos of animal or dinosaurs gives me an opportunity to sketch as if I'm looking at them in the wild. I'm making quite rough gesture sketches as I try to capture the essential characteristics of each animal I see. I also try not to click the pause button because that will be counter-productive in my efforts. One day, I'll save some money and head to the zoo to draw animals on the spot.

Some drawings while looking at videos of Cheetahs and crocodiles. The Cheetah is a most remarkable mammal, and the way it runs is so very elegant and powerful, until it's almost impossible to capture the dynamic movements on paper!

Well, I love dinosaurs as well. Watching those "Walking with Dinosaurs" videos allows me to imagine as if I'm looking at real-life dinosaurs, and trying to sketch them on the spot. Below are some drawings of mainly Giganotosaurus, Tarbosaurus and a bit of Argentinosaurus, and Pteranodons.

Some drawings while looking at "Walking with Beasts" videos. Prehistoric mammals, after the dinosaurs...

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