Wednesday, May 28, 2008

T-Rex, Tarzaness and Mr. Caterpillar

Here's a painting of a T-Rex trying to attack a Ceratopsian dinosaur. I wanted to portray a ominous mood, by setting the scene at dusk and having a deep red orange hues with long dark shadows. I looked at some references for the colors because I couldn't get the colors right with only my imagination. My first attempt didn't quite work out the way I wanted, mostly because I had too bright of a Fill light and too saturated Key light on T-Rex.

My first attempt below:

Yes, it's a Tarzan wannabe...But he is a she here; so, it's Tarzaness! I wanted to portray a mysterious mood in a deep dark jungle setting. And a little bit of translucence in her skirt-wrap. (which I think nobody will notice anyway because it's too subtle)

Mr. Catepillar says "Whatcha Looking at?" Someone's gonna be someone's snack soon. I kinda "cheated" by applying blur on the background, but it's for the good of the art. And also because I'm lazy to paint it out-of-focus manually. I'm not sure if the too realistic outcome is good for the art or not. I just wanted a cheerful mood by having a sunny day setting with strong colorfully saturated colors.

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