Monday, July 7, 2008

John Mahoney's class: Drawing from Film

Yesterday's class with John Mahoney was "Drawing from Film", in which John asked us to draw out certain shots in the movie Frida, using materials like Pastels and watercolor. We tried to capture the wonderful color composition in the shots and we had a wonderful time! We also tried to draw out frames and treat the shots like a graphic novel. Each shot in the movie seems so artistically thought of, and I definitely learned a lot yesterday.

Last week's class was to draw from an old black/white movie named Othello. We used charcoal to draw out the interesting values in the shots.

Here's also some very old life-drawing art of a female model done 2 months ago.

And finally, some personal art from my trusty little sketchbook. Right now I am trying to flex my cartooning muscles, and taking inspiration from artist like Carter Goodrich. There's also a nice little color sketch which I named "I come in peace"

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