Friday, July 11, 2008

Breaking News: Monstrous Sea Creature discovered

Breaking News: A monstrous sea creature was discovered yesterday and captured on photographs by Malaysian scientists who were conducting research on the Sperm whales in the Pacific ocean. It was apparently a carnivore hunting a group of Sperm whales, and succeeded in killing two of the whales.

This creature does not resemble any currently known prehistoric sea reptiles, and might be be a completely new species of sea reptile altogether! It is impossible to estimate the size of this creature but it is very likely to be the largest sea dwelling creature ever, as can be plainly seen from the photographs that it dwarfs the Sperm whales.


Sebastián Ruiz said...

amazing paint !

Anonymous said...

excuse me i do not like it when the whale dies i am going to have nightmares tonight!
do you no what it is like?!
no u don't my mum is a whale and makes the same noise now i will picture in my sleep dying like whale did! YOU ARE NAUGHTY BOY!