Tuesday, July 1, 2008

John Mahoney's class

For the past 2 days, I have been attending a class by John Mahoney, an artist whose point-of-view really inspired me to re-think on how I approach art. On yesterday's life-drawing class, he asked us to combine traditional life drawing with a few references of concept art and graphic art. We were free to experiment with the process, and the results that came out were very fresh and different. I did a crouching guy who's tied up with three vicious dogs and a Death-dealer guy who's arm is being swallowed by a massive dog. We are also free to use whichever material we want; be it watercolor, charcoal or pastels. I had so much fun and free from worry as there was no right or wrong in our creations. So this is what art is about: Personal creative expression.

My background history is a fairly typical one; I am trained in Industrial design, and I am used to drawing realistic items and be able to communicate through representational art. I have always thought that a good art is one that can mimic reality as best as possible so that it can communicate well. But since having exposed to John's ideas, I now view the world with a more open mind.

Btw, here's some other stuff:
Grim reaper crosses to the other side.

A sketch on birds, especially on a Little Bittern I saw at a nearby mini-lake.

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