Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Little Rat, Wong and the Dragon

An inquisitive little rat stumbles upon a very nice smell in the air, coming from the most unlikely sources! Could it be cheese? bacon? Belacan?...anyway, it's sure gonna be yummy!

"Wong and the Dragon: Who wins? Wong has a magical blue sword while The Dragon has its fiery breath." In this art, I wanted to capture a terrifying mood with lots of darkness and hot-red colors; like Hell.
This is my second attempt:

My first attempt below did not work for me because the lighting was weird; somehow I had unknowingly painted the scene lighted up as if there was an imaginary spotlight behind the Dragon and casted it's shadow on the floor. I knew I wanted the brightest part of the picture to be between the Dragon's face and Wong, but I didn't know how to light it up logically.
First attempt:

Here are some pages from my trusty little ehfive Sketch book. I am beginning to get the hang of drawing cartoon characters. My favorites are the laughing old man and the Tiger who hears something. See if you can spot them out.

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Miguel said...

i ran into your blog by hitting next blog. you are really talented. i really enjoy looking at your art work and love how you put a story as to what you were thinking and doing on some of your art. i will definitely come back and check out your art work. you have a fan!
miguel from